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The kingdom of God is one of the great themes of the Bible. From beginning to end it speaks of the glory of God and the greatness of his Kingdom. The Old Testament is full of prophecies about the time when the Lord will establish his Kingdom. One example is Habakkuk 2:14:

The earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

This is a tremendous prophecy. The Lord is saying that the time will come when his glory will be present in every part of the earth. There will be no place in the world, where his name is not honoured and glorified. He will be victorious through the entire earth. All things will be brought into submission to him as the kingdom of God is extended throughout the earth.  

God's people should be passionate about the Kingdom of God.  We sing worship songs about the Kingdom of God, but often do not understand what we are singing.  A recovery of the vision of the Kingdom of God is vital for the future of the Church.

The following chapters describe the Kingdom of God in detail (they need to be read in order - click on the headings).

  1. Authority and the Kingdom of God.

Who is in charge of the world.   This is the issue of authority.  Jesus talked about authority all the time.  He claimed to have all authority in heaven and on earth.  His healing miracles were motivated by compassion, but they were also a demonstration of his authority.  Authority is the central issue of our time and the key to the Kingdom of God (government of God).

  1. The Great Commission

The great commission has two parts.  We have concentrated on the first part of the commission.  The second part of the commission is just as important.  It is time to teach the nations to obey Jesus.

  1. The Church and the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is not just another name for the Church.  The Kingdom is a much broader and more important entity than the Church.

  1. Expanding the Kingdom

We all know that individuals are born again into the Kingdom of God.  However, this just one way that the Kingdom of God expands.  Read about the other ways of expanding the Kingdom.

  1. Important Spheres of Authority

The Church is just one sphere of activity where Christians can exercise authority.  The family is also important sphere.  There are other important spheres of authority that should concern us.

  1. Kingdom Values

    The values that prevail in the Kingdom are the opposite of those that dominate the world.  The government of God will turn many things upside down.

  2. Boundaries of Authority

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness manifest themselves in each sphere of authority.  Christians should be able to identify the difference.

  1. Strategy for the Kingdom

Jesus provided a strategy for developing the Kingdom of God on earth.  The strategies of man will not be successful if they are not aligned to the God's plan.

  1. Tools for the Kingdom

God has given us all the tools that we need to establish the Kingdom. We do not need Jesus to come back to do it for us.  We just have to start using the tools we have.

  1. God's Timetable for the Kingdom

God is working out his purposes on the earth.   Some people think that he is slow or that he is not in control.  This is not true.  He is patient and will establish his Kingdom right on time.  We just need to understand his timetable better.

  1. Victory is Certain

God has promised Victory for his Kingdom.   This promise is waiting to be claimed.  We should be taking hold of these promises of victory.

  1. The Glorious Kingdom

What will the world be like when the Kingdom of God has fully come?   The Bible teaches the answers to this question.  the biblical vision of the Kingdom of God is a glorious vision.

  1. The Promise of the Kingdom

    Many who read the description of the Kingdom in the previous chapter will find it that to believe that such a glorious existence is possible on earth.  However, the Bible speaks with absolute certainty of the coming of the Kingdom of God   From beginning to end it is packed full of promises that the Kingdom will be established.    

  2. Why?

    A challenge.


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